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Who in the World is Mrs. Padilly?

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Howdy, Y’all! 

Welcome to the world of Mrs. Padilly and my Glampy Campy Artsy-Craftsy Lifestyle & Travel Blog for Living Life in the Outdoors ~ Texas Style.

I’m a fifth-generation Chicago native who moved to Texas in 1979, and to this day love traveling and discovering new things about the Lone Star State ~ It’s a big one!

Many new visitors to Mrs. Padilly’s Travels come here to read one of my how-to articles from my popular series on the restoration and glamping makeover of my Casita Travel Trailer, Free Range.

Free Range was truly my farm fresh little brown egg, who has kept us safe as we crisscrossed Texas (and beyond) on many camping adventures. I took this photo on the first day we bought her home, May 2014.

If you would like to go to the first post in the series, Click here.

Mrs. Padilly's Casita

Mrs. Padilly’s 17′ Casita Spirit Deluxe: “Free Range”

Change came to the Padilly homestead in 2016!
In more ways than one!  

Roxie the Schnoxie

Meet Roxie, the reason we now own a Shasta

In the spring of 2016, we moved back to the country to a place I like to call Texas’ smallest ranch; a whole two acres (2.2 to be exact).  

This change also led to a new puppy, Roxie (the Schnoxie), and a new trailer I am calling Miss Roxie, a 1961 Shasta Airflyte Reissue (#1185/1941).

We didn’t have plans to buy a new travel trailer when we got Roxie, but when we took her on her first camping trip in the Casita (to New Braunfels), we were shocked how this little puppy, and all her stuff, took over our space!!! 

The time had finally come for us to expand our square footage!

The following week I went trailer shopping and found the Shasta, bringing her home the next day.  I named her Miss Roxie, in honor of Roxie the Schnoxie. 

Miss Roxie - Shasta at Disney World

Miss Roxie’s First Camping Trip:

The photo above is from Miss Roxie’s first camping trip to the Ft. Wilderness Resort and Campground at Walt Disney World. (It is true…I sometimes camp outside of Texas. 😉 )

This trip included four days of driving, and eight nights of camping, and taught me a lot about my “new” vintage camper; some good, and some not so good.

I’ll be sharing some of these experiences with you in my new series.

New Shasta Makeover Series:
(links will become active as I post each new article):

  • Decorating My Shasta’s Screen & Door.
  • My Shasta’s Makeover: WHY I did not keep the interior original.
    ~  Removing our Shasta’s bunk bed for more headroom.
    ~  Turning our vintage dinette into a permanent bed.
    ~  Installing a flexible dining table in our travel trailer.
  • Adding a name to your travel trailer? Read this first!
  • The truth about vintage trailer bathrooms.
  • Glamping Makeover Reveal: Showcasing Miss Roxie
  • “Branding” Tips for Glamping your travel trailer.
  • My Shasta vs. My Casita: An Honest Review
  • Camp Brigadoon: Our Backyard Campground & Home to Miss Roxie

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Finally, I can’t go without sharing with you the biggest supporter of ALL my dreams:
My husband, Mr. Padilly.

He’s a native Texan from Dallas, and we call the town of Montgomery home (birthplace of the Lone Star Flag). The historic town of Montgomery is about an hour north of Houston, near the beautiful Lake Conroe.

Between the two of us, we have four children, also native Texans, which I believe qualifies this ol’ Chicagoan turned Texan to own a Native Texan bumper sticker!

But until then, I guess this will have to do:

So Who in the World is Mrs. Padilly?*

It’s my pen name, creative outlet, and traveling alter ego.

So if your interested in:

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  • DIY PROJECTS for living life in the outdoors in your own backyard. 
  • FUN IDEAS and CRAFTS for enjoying the Glamping Lifestyle.
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I hope you decide to follow along, and
Welcome Y’all to Mrs. Padilly’s Travels
 Living Life in the Outdoors ~ Texas Style!


Last updated on February 8, 2017


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10 Comments  to  Who in the World is Mrs. Padilly?

  1. MJ Brown says:

    I already left a personal note, I think, about Canyon Lake Rally camping and the great info from other owners for our first time out with our 2004 Spirit, 16′. I mentioned we were warned to get “travel trailer tires” for safety due to the sway.
    Well, I have GLAMPED UP our Casita. It is Copper top and white bottom. Had decals taken off. Inside I did window treatments with valances of agate stone,burlap and leather strips. At the rally we were surprised we were the only ones that GLAMPED our Casita. My backsplash is also agate,tile and some small mirror squares. I changed out my knobs for cool fossils discs. Left the cushions and wood coloring, as despite the age of the Casita, they were in perfect condition! Oh,yeah, I Glamped the bathroom wall with faux painting around wood wording that says” Hello World”.
    In other words, I made it ours! Such fun! Hope we get to meet others that like to Glamped! 😄

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Hi Mary! I did get your email and tried to reply, but I could not get it to send out. We are traveling back from Big Bend Country and internet/cell is almost non-existent. My mail is all messed up. I’m glad you posted here, too!

      Your Glamped Casita sounds awesome! It is such a great trailer. Always good to have quality tires, but one of the things I never had a problem with was sway. It pulls so well. I pulled it with a Diesel Jeep, however, so that might have something to do with it. But I use the Jeep to pull my Shasta, which blows all over the highway in Big winds. The Casita is just designed so well.

      There is a group on Facebook called Casita Owners. I suggest you join it if you have not already. It is a great group of passionate owners. And there are glamped Casitas there, too.

      Hate to say this, as I’m already thinking about when I will buy the next Casita, but I sold my little brown egg this past summer. A member in the Casita Owners FB Page now owns it. I sold it because I bought a Shasta, but I miss it very much. I’m sure I’ll own another in the future.

      Hope you have subscribed to my page. When I get my email fixed I’ll send a reply to your note. Happy Trails!

  2. We have a 1995 16′ Casita and love some of the things you have done. Especially, the screen door (which the 16′ doesn’t have, darn!) and the tile backsplash. I’m curious to see how the backsplash holds up on the bumps on your travels. Since I am now retired, I am looking forward to more time to spruce up our Casita and to hit the nation’s highways! We are planning a trip this spring and will be in Texas earlyin April. Maybe we’ll see you and “Free Range” while we’re in the Lone Star State! Happy travels!

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Thank you, Coleen. I must admit, the screen door project was my favorite, too! As for the tile backspace, so far so good. We took her on a long road trip from Texas to the Colorado mountains, and it hasn’t shown any signs of cracking. The back of the tile has a very sticky adhesive (If I tried to move after placing it would start to mess it up), and I used a sanded grout. I guess over time the grout could start cracking…if so, I will do a follow-up on the backsplash post. If you see “Free Range” on the highways please honk to say hello, and if you are camping anywhere in southeast Texas, let me know so I can see if Mr. Padilly and I can stop by to say hello. Happy Trails to you!

  3. Mollie says:

    I thought that was you at Inks Lake! Was so excited when I saw you pull in with “Free Range”. I didn’t have an opportunity to speak with you but hope your weekend was fun. We were in the unmarked Casita on the turn.

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Oh no, I wish we had a chance to say hello (what a small world)! I knew you had to be a glamper, because your camp site was awesome! I was planning to stop over and say hello on Saturday, but you were taking things down. 🙁 Next time I see a potential glamper, or Casita owner, I need to be quick to say hello!

      Your camper looks brand new! Since it does not have the Casita lettering, did you just have it painted? I like your tire cover (I was admiring from one of our kayaks on the lake).

      • Mollie says:

        Mrs. Padilly, It is brand new! We chose to leave off the Casita lettering because I’m still thinking about what I want to do with her! It would throw off my glamping choices. Thanks for liking my tire cover! I painted it because it had the “800” number for Casita on her back side! She felt like a call girl, so I fixed it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

        I thought I recognized your egg because of the color, but I didn’t recall the” Free Range”. I was to “chicken” to invade your privacy! Since we are new to camping, I wasn’t sure of the protocol for space and time to set up. Mike was laughing at me because I literally jumped up with excitement to look down the road when you pulled in to our area. We obviously would have had lots of fun chats. Next time, I will stand in the road and not let you pass! I am also a member on Lou’s Glampers and I registered with SOTF, yesterday. I’m sure we will have an opportunity to meet again. We had been at Inks Lake since Sunday. We wanted to get on home to ride our Harleys.

        • Mrs. Padilly says:

          Chalk painted your tire cover…very cool! I would have loved seeing that up close!

          I understand the “invade your privacy” feeling, lol. At times I’m like that too, especially during camp set up and take downs. Never sure if people are under a deadline. Darn, would have loved to talk with you! (FYI, Mr. Padilly is also a Mike).

          I will look for you on Lou’s, and welcome to SOTF. When you get your SOTF information, make sure you register for the sub-group “Texas Sisters.” They hold meet-ups across Texas. I’ve not been able to join any of their meet-ups yet, because there have not been any in my area (those north and west Texas girls have all the fun!), but they look like lots of fun and a great way to meet Sisters locally.

          Enjoy your new Casita! Look forward to seeing what you do with your egg shell. 🙂

  4. Tonita says:

    Just stopping by to ck in on your Casita. I own a 1994 Casita that is in great shape. I have not camped in her in about a dozen years. But, I recently brought her in from her parking spot outside to get her ready for a future trip across the United States. I also own a sweet tiny house on wheels that is 8 x 18′ and it is all glamped out. Not sure if I want to sell or keep my Casita after my trip from WA to NC, but I am kinda getting the bug to sweeten her up with rust, ruffles and lace in the near future. I love tiny spaces and ran into your blog as i was researching new window treatments for my Casita. I have a chandy for her and quilts and lace- but have not been inspired to glamp her out till recently. I look forward to seeing what your Casita looks like in future posts.

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Hi Tonita,

      Your ideas for glamping your Casita sound wonderful! Another glamping friend said my Casita could be called, “Audrey” for Audrey Hepburn – simple and elegant. I would describe her that way, too (but named her “Free Range” because she looks like a brown egg). I love all the wonderfully creative makeovers I see on other glamper’s campers, but for me I needed the feel of a “zen” retreat, with a bit of fun. We took the Casita on our first long trip to Colorado in August (9 days). I was worried about that length of time in such a little space, but it was perfect! She’s like a big warm blanket! Thank you for stopping by, and happy to hear you are looking forward to her transformation. 🙂

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