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Decorating A Shasta’s Screen & Door

Red Outlined Howdy Stencil

It’s been said that “It’s the little things that matter most,” and decorating the screen door on my Casita was certainly one of those little things.

Those were the words I used in my original article: Stenciling the Screen Door on a Casita Travel Trailer. One of the most popular projects on Mrs. Padilly’s Travels.

Without a doubt, that small addition had one of the biggest impacts on my Casita’s overall glamping charm (see image further down).

And because so many of you told me how you were inspired by this project, I decided to add a similar design to my Shasta.

I hope you find that Version 2 of decorating a trailer’s screen and door inspires you as much as the last.

Happy Trails!
Mrs. Padilly

My New Trailer:

I purchased my new travel trailer in 2016, a 1961 Shasta Reissue, and named her Miss Roxie.

Since this reissue of a 1961 Shasta is actually a new travel trailer, there is no need to remodel her (but I do!), but there is definitely room to add Mrs. Padilly’s personal touch.

Decorated Shasta Screen and Door

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I like to call the personal touch I add to my trailers “my brand.”  

In my upcoming article: Branding Tips for Glamping Your Travel Trailer, I will share how to create your own brand for your trailer.

To make sure you don’t miss it, plus other articles in the series, please subscribe to receive these new projects in your email.

Original stencil project on my CasitaMrs. Padilly's Completed Stenciled Screen Door with Chandelier and Welcome Sign

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Decorating the Screen Door: Version 2

To decorate the door, I used the same technique on the Shasta as I used on my Casita.

But with this new version, I decided to keep the stencil small, and placed the stencil on the screen that holds the metal slide cover to reach the door handle.

I then added a new element, the vinyl sticker on the interior door with my motto, “Living Life in the Outdoors ~ Texas Style!”

Close-up of Decorated Shasta Doors

I’m just as happy with the decorating results on the Shasta’s screen door as I was on the Casita, but I did learn one important lesson you must consider when stenciling screen doors.

Lesson Learned in Version 2:
You must consider the color of the screen material when choosing your paint color.

On my Casita, the screen material is black, which made the PERFECT backdrop for applying the chandelier and welcome stencil using white paint.

However, when I applied the “Howdy” stencil with white paint against the silver screen material, it didn’t take long to realize that the white lettering did not show up as well on the silver screen.

I was disappointed, but I didn’t want to remove all the paint. To fix this problem, I decided to simply outline the stenciled image with red dimensional fabric paint.  It worked like a charm!

Padilly Tip: If you are going to stencil a silver-colored screen door, you may want to choose a dark paint color like black.  If your screen door material is black, white (or light) paint works beautifully. But either way, if you don’t feel the stencil stands out enough, just outline it as I did with dimensional paint.

Decorated Shasta Screen and DoorOnce again, this stenciling project was simple and quick, with great results!  

Adding my motto to the inside of the Shasta’s door was the icing on the cake for me!

More Information & Supplies:

I hope you find the series of images below clearly shows the steps I took to decorate the screen and door of my Shasta.

However, if you need more description, or just another example, just visit my original article: Stenciling a Screen Door on my Casita Travel Trailer.

Note: If you would like to decorate your trailer’s door using the same (or similar) stencils that I used, and you cannot find them at your local craft store, you can order them here:

The following images show the steps I took
to decorate the Shasta’s screen and door: 


This is the stencil I used.
Western Howdy Stencil


How the screen
looked before applying the stencil.
The silver cover in the back slides back and forth.

Shasta Screen Door


I had to cut each image from the stencil.
I then used painters tape to attach them to the screen.
At this point, check TWICE to make sure your stencils are level!

Howdy Stencil on Shasta Screen Door

Applying the paint is easy. Just use craft paint, a stencil brush, and apply.  It is better to apply several light coats to reduce getting paint on the back of the screen.

Painting a Howdy Stencil on Shasta Screen Door


Painting is complete.

Painted Stencil on Shasta Screen Door



Before you remove the stencil:

Use a little rubbing alcohol to remove any white paint that got on the back side of the screen. A little paint is okay, but if you use the rubbing alcohol, you should be able to remove most, if not all of it.

It is also a good idea to spray a light coat of clear varnish over the paint to protect it from the elements.

Cleaning the Paint off the Back of a Stencil.


After I removed the stencil, I noticed there were a lot of fuzzy edges.  My stencil must not have been “tight” against the screen, or I pressed the brush too hard against the screen while painting.

This is when also discovered the white paint on a silver screen is a little difficult to see from a distance.

Howdy Stenciled on a Shasta Screen Door


Since there was no way I could live with these flaws, I decided to fix the problem by outlining the hat and words with red dimensional paint.

I chose dimensional paint so it would sit above the screen, and give much-needed depth and a cleaner edge.

Tulip Read Fabric Paint


First application around top of hat.

Red Outline Howdy Stencil


Next I went around the brim.
I added the “hat bands” to give it my personal touch.

Red Outline Howdy Stencil


My last step was to apply the red paint around the lettering. I was especially careful where two letters joined together so it wouldn’t get too thick.

Red Outlined Howdy Stencil


Adding Vinyl Lettering:

With the stenciling complete, I created some vinyl lettering using my Silhouette Cameo. (affiliate link)

This is my FAVORITE new design tool, and you will see that I use vinyl in several other areas of my Shasta in my upcoming articles.

Notice the Texas state image and #1185 to the left of the door.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to create these vinyls, too.

Before I go, some of you may wonder if #1185 is my “Sister” number.  Nope. The #1185 means I own #1185 out of 1941 Shasta Reissues created. 🙂

Decorated Shasta Screen & Door

From boring to POP! I LOVE the results!


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Before and After Decorated Shasta Doors

6 Comments  to  Decorating A Shasta’s Screen & Door

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mrs. Padilly, I’ve followed your blog for a long time. I copied a lot of your ideas in my Casita. My husband wants me to gets a new retro, but I like my old camper,( it’s old like me.) I’ll turn 70 this month, I don’t plan on camping forever and my little camper is just right. Don’t worry, my camper is not a clone to your old Free range, Mine is more a Nebr. Cowgirl theme. I always enjoy reading your stuff, Thanks, Connie

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      I’m so happy to hear you were able to apply the projects to your Casita. Best wishes for your upcoming birthday!

  2. Jerry says:

    Hi, sunset I am a scamp owner, I am wondering why buy a conventional trailer like a Shasta,?. I have had two Shasta’s in the past , but the scamp is the best.

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Owned a Casita, so I totally understand why you like the Scamp. But always wanted a tin can. Now I have one. 🙂 Mrs. Padilly

  3. GP Cox says:

    Leave it to you to come up with the exact thing I started to look for last week. Good to see you back around! Enjoy Miss Roxie, but don’t forget us!!

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      I’ve been away too long! Certainly wouldn’t forget my original WP buds! So happy y’all don’t forget me! 🙂

      Are you looking for a travel trailer? Shasta?

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