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Happy Camper Printable from Mrs. Padilly's Travels


Following is a list of organizations and groups the Padilly’s have found helpful and fun, and we think you will, too!

Groups passionate about Casita Travel Trailers:

Casita Club – To meet other Casita owner’s and become part of the Casita Family, including forums, articles, classifieds, etc.

Casita Owners – A great Facebook page of Casita owners, and wannabe’s, who share trip and makeover photos, and ask and answer questions on all things concerning Casita’s and RVing in general. As a Casita owner, I have truly enjoyed reading the posts on this site, which include so many creative ideas on ways to update your Casita.

Groups passionate about “Tin Can” Travel Trailers:

Shasta Wings Club ~ Club for owners of the 1961 Shasta Airflyte Reissue. This is a great resource site, which I go to often. This is a Closed Group, so you will have to be accepted before you can see posts.

Tin Can Tourists ~ According to their site, “The Tin Can Tourists is an all make and model vintage trailer and motor coach club. Its goal is to promote and preserve vintage trailers and motor coaches through Gatherings and information exchange.” This is one of the oldest groups


Groups who focus on Glamping and other “Sister” activities:

Lou’s Glamping for Beginners – This Facebook page connects you with a wonderful and passionate group of beginning women glampers!  I have so much fun chatting with my fellow beginning glampers on this site, and have made several friends! (Note: You don’t have to be new to glamping to join, but this is a Closed group, and need to show some affiliation with camping to join.) I’m Lou’s Glamper #3295

Sister’s on the Fly – A group that organizes anything from Cowgirl College to Cowgirl Caravan camping events across the United States.

Glampers on the Loose – Another great Facebook page full Glamping inspiration!

Groups whose focus is on C-Dorys:

C-Brats – A site for C-Dory owners to come together in forums and gatherings across the country. (Mr. Padilly)