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Bastrop State Park ~ Texas

Mrs Padilly's Camper at Bastrop State Park


Campsite #73 ~ Copperas Creek Camping Area

Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s, Bastrop State Park is one of only seven CCC parks in the nation to be awarded the National Historic Landmark status.


  • A brutal Texas drought in 2011 resulted in many fires across Texas, one of which raged through Bastrop State Park. The extensive damage caused by this fire provides the visitor a rare experience of forest renewing itself after devastation.

  • Large motor coaches and trailers may find the pull through sites in the Piney Hill Camping area more suitable. This area is located near the pool and above most of the tree line, giving you sweeping views of the fire damaged park.

  • Smaller RVs and trailers can also choose the Copperas Creek Camping area, where a patch of loblolly pines survived the fire providing shade, and back in level concrete pads (Padilly’s site was #73).

  • Tent camping can be found at Copperas Creek, and Deer Run (near Piney Hills).
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Padilly's Campsite at Bastrop State ParkThis is a panorama of Padilly’s campsite.
The burt forest was literally behind the camper.

Massive Log Jam from Lake Bastrop damn collapseMassive log jam from heavy rains.

View from Fehrs Overlook at Bastrop State ParkBeautiful view after hike up to Fehrs Overlook.

New growth coming out of the ashes.

Entrance Sign to Bastrop State Park Texas

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