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Lake Conroe ~ Texas

Perfection at Sea - Lake Conroe

A Motor Boaters Paradise just an hour north of Houston.

Lake Conroe is in my backyard, and I have boated this lake since 2001.  There are plenty of restaurants along the southern shore of the lake (along 105), including places to tie up your boat. Or if you prefer, as we often do, head to the north side of the lake and be surrounded by the tree-lined shores of the Sam Houston National Forest.


  • Lake Conroe is located about an hour north of Houston, and is a VERY popular boating destination (busy on weekends).
  • There are several marinas around the lake where you can launch your boat, but all charge a launch fee.
  • If you are looking for a free launch, head to the end of Highway 830 (Seven Coves Road).  This is a nice launch with courtesy docks. However, this launch can get very busy on weekends, and there are no facilities.
  • The Padilly’s like to motor boat, sailboat, and kayak this lake, but motor boaters rule, especially on weekend summer months.
  • Don’t have a boat? Don’t worry! There are several boat rentals around the lake, most along Highway 105.
  • The areas where the streams flow into the lake offer the best Kayaking. This keeps you away from “most of” the motor boaters’ chop. Post of comment if you want to know my favorite spots.
  • There are eagles on Lake Conroe, so keep your eyes open. They often appear on the north side of the lake, but I’ve seen them as far south as the dam.
  • Sunsets can be breathtaking on this lake, but please do not be out after dark if your boat does not have running lights.
  • Our favorite dining spots are at/near Waterpoint Marina on the south side of the lake (near the dam). Fajita Jacks is always fun, and offers nice views of the lake. I also LOVE Giovanni’s although the views are limited, and some feel the restaurant is a little dated (but NOT Mrs. Padilly; food delicious!). Looking for fast food? The Jack-in-box and McDonald’s offer docks to tie up your boat, and tables along the water to eat your meal.
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C-Horse, our C-Dory cruiser, anchored at the “swimming hole” near Bentwater.

Enjoying the north side of the lake from my favorite spot. 

Caught another beautiful sunset reflected off C-Horse’s window.

We love to kayak among the stumps,
most of which are found on the north side of the lake.Kayaking into stumps on Lake Conroe

These tree stumps appeared during a drought.
They area always there, so make sure you have a map of the lake.

Photographed this eagle flying over the main body of the lake just as he looked me in the eye.Eagle over Lake Conroe

Can you see yourself sitting here enjoying Lake Conroe?

This time ‘Ohana is anchored near the beach by the Lake Conroe Dam. A favorite swimming spot.Ohana anchored by Lake Conroe Dam

One of our favorite things to do on the lake are moonlight sails.
Only the sound is the wind in our sails, and the moon lighting the water.

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