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Springtime in Fredericksburg, Texas

Flowers by Old Wagon Wheel in Fredericksburg, TexasFredericksburg, Texas

One of my favorite Texas Hill Country Towns.

Padilly Tips

  • Fredericksburg is at its best in the springtime, when the wildflowers are in bloom.
  • The area is becoming very well-known for its wineries and wine tours.
  • Do not miss the chance to visit Enchanted Rock or drive the Willow City Loop!
  • This kids will LOVE the Old Tunnel State Park! Our’s sure did! Best viewing is from May through October. Check out their website before you go.

Personal Highlights & Photos:

 “You know you’re a Texan when you measure distance by minutes & hours, not miles.”

I have a very special place in my heart for Fredericksburg, Texas. This is by far one of my favorite towns in the Lone Star State. I’ve been here so many times over the past thirty years, I sometimes feel like a local, yet I live five hours away.

When visiting Fredericksburg, I have stayed in hotels, the Fredericksburg KOA campground (in cabins and in my RV), and many vacation rentals.

You can rent just about anything here from cabins, to barns, to historical house, but my favorite are the Sunday Houses. When I make my reservations, I always us Gastehaus Schmidt, and I’ve never had a problem.

And if you want a unique “camping” experience, you can stay in a 1961 Shasta Reissue trailer, at Blue Skies Retro Resort. As of this writing, the resort is still under construction, but as an owner of a 1961 Shasta Reissue, I wish them much success!

Little Cowboy visiting Wildflower Farm near Fredericksburg
Little Texas Cowboy

Even our bluebonnets salute the red, white, and blue.
Bluebonnets at Wildflower Farm near Fredericksburg.
Red White and Bluebonnets in Texas


I couldn’t make up my mind if this bluebonnet was lonely or proud…
Bluebonnet in rocks at Pedernales Falls State Park Lonely Bluebonnet in Rocks

The Padilly’s standing at Enchanted Rock’s Summit Marker.Padilly's Standing a Summit Enchanted Rock

This is our location on Google Maps Google Location on Enchanted Rock

With the sun setting low behind us, and the full moon rising in the east, I was able to capture this unique photo of the Padilly’s during sunset at the Summit.

Sun Setting Low and Moon Rising

Luckenbach, Texas is just a short drive away.

While today’s Luckenbach my be more touristy then the one Waylon and Willie sang about, I always love hanging out here to do a little people watching.

Motorcycles are a common sight in Luckenbach,
where “Everybody is Somebody”

Harley Davison parked in Fredericksburg

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Happy Trails,

Mrs. Padilly

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