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Casita Makeover

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Posts on Mrs. Padilly’s Casita Travel Trailer’s ORIGINAL Glamping Makeover.


Dressed for Glamping: Unveiling My Casita Travel Trailer’s Makeover!

GLAMPING MAKEOVER UPDATE: I have added NEW interior photos, which show my latest changes to the inside of my Casita, leaving the original “dressed” photos for you to compare. The changes are subtle, but I think they make a big difference. Let me know if you agree!  Note: New interior photo’s have RED descriptions.

With the interior remodeling complete,
IT’S TIME FOR UNVEILING of my Casita Trailer’s Glamping MakeoverCompleted Interior Glamping Makeover of Mrs. Padilly's Casita Travel Trailer

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Window Treatments for my Casita Travel Trailer

Mrs. Padilly's Casita Camper Dressed For Glamping: Final Makeover PictureAh, window treatments…

They have always a challenge for me since I do not like to sew.

Rag Valance Window Treatment on Casita Camper Glamping MakeoverCase in point: my daughter was a bridesmaid in a wedding where each girl was given fabric by the bride-to-be, and then asked to make their own dress from a pattern of their choice. Since my daughter doesn’t sew, my first thought was, “are you sure you want to be in this wedding?” But momma guilt kicked in, and I made the dress.

It ended up fitting like a glove, but if I had to charge for the hours I put into making the dress, it would have cost more than an average wedding dress. Truth is, when it comes to sewing, I’m just plain slow.

Create no-sew drapes for my Casita.
Better yet, valances!

Up Close of White Lace Window Treatment Valance on Casita Travel Trailer

But there was another challenge I had to overcome…

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Stenciling the Screen Door on a Casita Travel Trailer

Stenciling Welcome on Screen Door Casita Travel TrailerThey say “It’s the little things that matter most.” So true!

When I applied this saying to my Casita’s makeover, it turns out that one of the little things I did during the makeover, stenciling the screen door, had one of the biggest impacts on my camper’s overall charm ~ and it happened by accident. 

As I often do, I was wandering the aisles at my local hobby store when I came upon a chandelier stencil (perfect for a Glamper!), and immediately knew I had to have it!

My first plan was to use the stencil on the camper’s closet door until I began looking at the screen door.

Taping Chandelier and Welcome Stenciling to DoorThe chandelier was the perfect scale for the screen door, and since this is the entry door to the camper, I went back and purchased a “welcome” stencil, too.

I found my chandelier stencil (7 x 9 inches) at my local craft store, but if you can’t find one locally, you can order this one online:

This project was simple and quick, with wonderful results!

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Installing Wood Vinyl Flooring in my Casita Travel Trailer

My Casita is a 2006, and for a travel trailer of this age it’s in great shape!

But there was one area of my Casita that really showed its age; the vinyl floor you see in this photo.

Before and after photo of adding a vinyl floor to a Casita Travel Trailer CamperThe vinyl is stained and yellowed with a dull finish. It desperately needed updating, but I needed the new flooring to be lightweight and easy to install.

The answer: self-adhesive vinyl flooring.

One key consideration in choosing my vinyl flooring was making sure the old floor was still securely attached to the sub-flooring. It was, so I knew I could put a self-adhesive vinyl on top.

The steps that follow show how I added the flooring to my Casita.

Step 1: What Type of Flooring to Use?

Since the old vinyl was securely attached to the flooring below, I first thought about chalk painting the floor (I love the stuff!), but I couldn’t convince myself to put chalk paint on a surface so heavily used and abused.

So I decided to take a tour down the vinyl aisle at my local home improvement store.

I have to admit I have not shopped for vinyl since the 1980’s, and I was immediately impressed with the quality and variety of vinyl flooring options!

Vinyl floor in CamperA lot has changed!

Since I did not want to tear up my current vinyl floor, I chose the vinyl you see in this picture.

This vinyl is very thin, lightweight, easy to trim, and has a self-adhesive back.

It also has a quality feel to it, and looks like real wood (without the price tag).


Step 2: Organizing the Tools for the Project

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Installing a Tile Backsplash in my Casita Travel Trailer

I thought the tile backsplash would be one of the easier projects to complete since the space is small, and 
I have worked with tile and grout on bigger projects in the past.

I was wrong…

That assumption resulted in my one real mistake during this makeover (which I couldn’t fix) .

But before I move on, I’d like you to look closely at the photo below.

Interior of a Casita Travel Trailer BEFORE Makeover

You will note that behind the sink’s faucet there is a small wire shelf. Removing this will be the first step for installing the tile backsplash.

But before we start installing the new tile backsplash;

I want to point out all the changes I have already made to the Casita.

In the photo below, you can clearly see big changes have taken place; from the chalk painted cabinet doors, to the teal paint added to the cooktop and fridge, to the wood vinyl flooring! 🙂

How-to for updating a Casita Travel Trailer's Kitchen

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Adding Teal Paint Accents to Glamp my Casita Travel Trailer

The second project I completed, after chalk painting the Casita’s doors, was to add a splash of color with some teal spray paint.

Teal Painted TV Stand and Range Top in a Casita Travel Trailer

I love working with spray paint; I even created my Mrs. Padilly logo by spray painting my name on a car at the Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas.

But when it came time to add spray paint to my camper, I only wanted to apply it to a few items; some that needed to be painted due to poor condition, and other’s to add a pop of color and draw attention to them.

Step 1 ~ The Color Palette

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Chalk Painting the Cabinet Doors in my Casita Travel Trailer

Chalk Painted Cabinet Door with Scroll Work in Casita CamperThis is my first article, of a seven article How-To series, on the Glamping makeover of  my Casita Travel Trailer:

(Please see my post My Casita Camper “Before Glamping” Pictures, to learn why I chose to buy a Casita Travel Trailer; including before pictures as I cleaned her up to get ready for her makeover).

Chalk Painting Cabinet Doors:

Interior of a Casita Travel Trailer BEFORE MakeoverThe picture you see here is what the interior of my Casita looked like before the makeover.

I you will notice, the interior walls are either white molded fiberglass or carpet, with the exception of the cabinet doors.

The cabinet doors are standard MDF door construction made to look like wood.

My Casita is a 2006, but the new models are still made with these MDF doors and similar hardware. It is a nice clean look, but not Glamped enough for me.

Where do I get my inspiration?

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My Casita Travel Trailer’s “Before Glamping” Pictures


My Casita: Before Glamping

For the last several weeks I have turned my Casita Travel Trailer into a Glamper, and I will now be sharing this transformation with you through seven how-to articles (see the end of this article for links to all projects).

Because I knew my limitations for restoring my Casita, the process of Glamping my Casita has been very enjoyable, which leads me to my one piece of advice if you are preparing to buy a travel trailer to Glamp; know your limits (i.e. time, costs, renovation experience, facilities, etc.).

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My New Casita Travel Trailer!

NOTE: The Interior restoration of my Casita is complete! Are you ready to jump right in and read the first post in the series? Then go to “My Casita Travel Trailer’s Before Glamping Pictures,” or just continue reading below about My New Casita Travel Trailer.

Welcome Update ~ 12.20.2017:

Below is my first makeover article on MrsPadillysTravels.com, which grew out of my original blog, MrsPadilly.wordpress.com, which launched in 2012.

Mrs PadillysTravels.com is a DIY and travel website geared for Living Life in the Outdoors ~ Texas Style! Articles posted on this website include my popular DIY & how-to projects on my travel trailer makeovers, fun projects for the glamping lifestyle, and articles and tips on my boating, camping, and road trip adventures across Texas.

To begin with the first post in this series, continue to read below (originally posted in May 2014):

My New-to-Me 2006 Casita Travel Trailer!

Mrs. Padilly's Casita

This little travel trailer, painted brown by the original (first) owner, came to our family only two days ago.  She is now sitting in our storage shed, but I will soon be transforming her from a typical Casita travel trailer interior into one fit for Glamping.

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