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I’m a Happy Camper!

Mrs. Padilly's Yellow Happy Camper

Happy Camper Necklace by KlayZ KreationsAs of July 2016, over 4,800+ of you have downloaded my Happy Camper printable! That’s a lot of Happy Campers!

This free printable, for your personal use and enjoyment only, is my way of saying Thank You for stopping by MrsPadillysTravels.com.

Occasionally, however, readers do ask if they can use the image for commercial use; like a request I received from Julia, of KlayZ Kreations.

Julia contacted me to ask if she could use my image for one of her soldered charm designs. Intrigued by this request, I visited Julia’s Facebook page, and liked what I saw.

While I typically say no to such requests, I could see myself wearing one of Julia’s necklaces, and gave her permission to use the image under one condition; she make one for me!  🙂

Julia happily agreed, and informed me her soldered necklaces come in two sizes: 1 1/2 inch, and 2 inch squares. Since I’m a Texan, I naturally went for the bigger 2″ size!

Happy Camper Printable from Mrs. Padilly's TravelsI was very excited the day the necklace arrived in the mail, and thrilled with the design and quality of Julia’s work! I will wear it proudly!

Thanks, Julia!


Since so many of you have downloaded a copy of my Happy Camper printable, I thought you might like to see the image that inspired me (photo found on Pinterest).

REMEMBER: This Happy Camper Printable if for your PERSONAL USE ONLY.  Copyright is owned by Mrs. Padilly, aka DM Johnson, all rights reserved.

Cute Little Vintage Trailer

I can’t say for sure, but I believe this little trailer might be an Airfloat (manufactured between the 1930’s and 1950’s). I instantly fell in love with the little round window on this trailer’s door (probably due to its nautical feel), so created my own version in Illustrator; taking artistic license on adding the Shasta wings. 😉


Since so many of you have downloaded this image, I also thought you might also enjoy seeing how I took my Happy Camper printable, and created a version for my trailer “Free Range” by changing the colors of the image to match my Casita’s brown exterior and teal accents.

My Casita is truly my Happy Place!

Mrs. Padilly's Happy Camper Desing

The next image shows where my Happy Camper hangs inside my trailer.  I simply took this larger 8 x 10 version to a local print shop, and had them print it on a metal plate (lightweight, easy to hang, and durable).

Mrs. Padilly's Happy Camper on her trailer's wall.

Happy Trails, Everyone!

Mrs. Padilly

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3 Comments  to  I’m a Happy Camper!

  1. Pit says:

    Hi Mrs. Padilly,
    I sure wish somebody might get this lovely old camper and restore it to its previous beauty!
    Have a wonderful time in yours,

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