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Mrs. Padilly Rocks!

Or I should say,
Mrs. Padilly’s Souvenir Rocks.

Mrs. Padilly Rocks!

I created these rocks for a very special trip we will be taking to an area of Texas I have only seen twice by train: Big Bend National Park. Or more accurately, Alpine, Texas.

Big Bend Country is the Texas you see depicted in movies such as the 1956 film, Giant ~ the Gone with the Wind version of Texas. This is dry, rugged country, and yes, there are lots of rocks.

The Rock Movement

Deep in the Heart of TexasSince I am so excited about this trip, I wanted to do something special to celebrate it. So I decided on rock art souvenirs.

Not long ago I heard about another rock movement called The Kindness Rocks Project. Through this project, members design rocks to spread random acts of kindness; rocks designed to provide a kind word, give encouragement, or simply put a smile on someone’s face.

Type in #thekindessrocksproject on Instagram, and you will see what I mean.

While I initially thought I might join in on kindness project, I later decided to make my rocks more of a “souvenir” from a Texan, to a traveler in Texas. I little Padilly art. A little Padilly welcome. A memento that I hope brings a smile and/or a laugh to the person who finds it.

Mrs. Padilly’s Souvenir Art Rocks

For this trip to Big Bend Country, I created twelve rocks.

Four of the twelve rocks are my Inspiration Rocks.  I designed these rocks based on the specific places I plan to leave them; places where some encouragement might be needed. 😉

Mrs. Padilly's Inspiration Rocks

I designed five other rocks with Texas in mind!  Can you guess where some of these might go?

I can’t wait till I visit the spot where I will be placing my “Cowgirl Up!” rock!

The last three rocks from the twelve are simply creations from my mind.  Like many of you (I hope), I see faces in everything: wallpaper patterns, lines in tiles, and yes, rocks.  The way I see it, these three characters where always in the rocks…someone just needed to find them.

Padilly's Pet Rocks

However, this little guy stole my heart the minute I painted him.  How can I give him away?!  I can’t. So I will only be placing eleven of the twelve rocks. Sorry, but this little guy will join me on my journey.

I haven’t even left for my trip yet, and I have my first souvenir: Padilly’s Pet Rock.

Follow on Instagram

As I leave my “souvenir” rocks across Texas, I will be posting location “hints” on my Instagram (@mrspadilly).

As I make my way on this journey, I will place a rock, take a picture, and then post the hint on Instagram.

On the back of each rock I have included my hashtag #MrsPadilly.

By including my hashtag, I hope the finder will post their rock online with this hashtag, and say “Howdy!”

But if not, that is okay, too, as it is their souvenir to do with as they please.

Happy Trails!
Mrs. Padilly





15 Comments  to  Mrs. Padilly Rocks!

  1. Jan Greenfied says:

    InspirationalIdea. Kind gestures for others to enjoy. Thank You for the information. Always looking for ways to make this word a better place.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Neat project! My girlfriend started painting rocks and now takes orders for rocks with paintings of people’s pets. So much talent in the world!! Mine has to do with yarn, not paint.

    Happy travels!

  3. Pit says:

    What a wonderful idea! Enjoy West Texas, it’s ever so gorgeous an area.
    Take care,

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Thanks, Pit! I’m so excited about what we will see. 🙂

      • Pit says:

        It’s fantastic down there. You’ll enjoy it. My wife and I spent our honeymoon there, in Fort Davis.

        • Mrs. Padilly says:

          Cool! You lived in that area, Right? Any dining recommendations? We will be visiting Alpine, Terlingua & Marfa.

          • Pit says:

            Actually, we didn’t live there. We only went there for our honeymoon. I’m sorry I really don’t remember any restaurants there, and it would be too long ago anyway, to recommend one. They may have changed a lot. What I can recommend, though, is taking a tour to the Mount McDonald Obervatory, and driving along the Scenic Loop in the Davis Mountains as well as the River Road from Presidio to Lajitas: fantastic views. And if you do so, don’t miss the old Western Village, used for shooting movies, somehwre there on your left.

          • Mrs. Padilly says:

            Star Party already booked at the Observatory. 😊 Not able to get to Presidio. Is the Western Village on the River route?

          • Pit says:

            Great for the Star Party! Enjoy.
            That Wild West Ghost Town [called “Contrabando”] is on the River Road {FM 170]. You can find a picture on my “Bilderbuch” Blog here [https://pitsbilderbuch.wordpress.com/2016/02/19/wholl-be-riding-across-the-river/] and it’s in Wikipedia here[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Contrabando].

          • Mrs. Padilly says:

            Thanks for all the info Pit! Have a great day.

          • Pit says:

            You’re welcome. And have a great weekend yourself,

  4. Boog says:

    This will be fun to see who finds these!

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