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My Casita Travel Trailer’s “Before Glamping” Pictures


My Casita: Before Glamping

For the last several weeks I have turned my Casita Travel Trailer into a Glamper, and I will now be sharing this transformation with you through seven how-to articles (see the end of this article for links to all projects).

Because I knew my limitations for restoring my Casita, the process of Glamping my Casita has been very enjoyable, which leads me to my one piece of advice if you are preparing to buy a travel trailer to Glamp; know your limits (i.e. time, costs, renovation experience, facilities, etc.).

Dinette in Casita Before Glamping

Two person dinette in 17′ Spirit Deluxe

Consider your Limitations:

For me, the most important factor to consider was facilities.

Since I live in a community that does not allow travel trailers/RVs to stay on property longer than it takes to prepare them for a trip, I knew I could not do a big tear out project.

Because of this important restriction, buying my 2006 Casita in very good condition gave me the “vintage” look I wanted, and allowed me to focus on simpler restoration projects and decorating. The only significant restoration project I had to complete was putting down new flooring.

Think about joining a group:

Since the best made plans can still create unforeseen problems, in those situations it is important to seek help from those with experience!

I am a member of many camping/glamping/boating groups (see my Resources page for a list), but one group I found very helpful as a newbie was “Lou’s Glamping for Beginners” Facebook Group.

This is a closed group, so you must join to take part. You must also be female, and involved someway with camping. But once Lou accepts your membership, I don’t think you will be disappointed. This group is full of very helpful and passionate glamping women!

Don Featherstone Original Realmingo (affiliate link)

You will find there are so many groups online. I’m sure you will find one that you would like to belong to. Again, the groups I am (or have been) affiliated with can be found on my Resources page.

The Reveal Begins

With my Casita now complete in her Glamp-over, we have taken her on many outings including a trip to Colorado, Texas Hill Country, Indiana, and many points in-between.

So to begin the reveal and how-to steps towards Free Range’s makeover, here are a few photos of the inside of my Casita BEFORE she was Glamped:


Casita Camper Before GlampingIn these two photos, you see the large dinette table set up in one photo, and the space set up in the bed position in the other photo. In my camper, I will have it permanently set up in the bed position.





Casita-Camper-Carpet-W In this photo (left), you see a close-up of the carpeted interior. As you can see, this is not your 1970’s carpeted van, but a nice soft plush wall needed to cover the interior walls and wires used in this two-piece fiberglass unit.

These carpeted walls are also great insulators! That was a nice surprise. For example, my husband and I were working on the camper, and I was trying to speak to him through the walls (windows closed). No luck, I needed to go out the door for him to hear me.

Casita-Camper-Carpet-Cleaning-Before-GlampingIn the photo (right) I am preparing to complete my first major project: cleaning all the carpet with my rug shampooer.

For me, this was the hardest and most labor intensive part of the restoration process, but well worth it.

After cleaning the carpet, and a thorough scrubbing of everything else, this eight year old Casita looked and smelled like new!

She is ready for Glamping!

Ready to see the steps I took towards her final reveal? Just click on the first link in the Casita Glamping Makeover series: Chalk Painting Cabinet Doors below 

Also, as you go through these projects, if you have any questions, comments, or experiences of your own ~ please share! I LOVE hearing from my readers.

Happy Trails!
Mrs. Padilly

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8 Comments  to  My Casita Travel Trailer’s “Before Glamping” Pictures

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing helpful directions!

  2. Dee says:

    Where did you found the vinyl cow sticker?

  3. Sharla young says:

    Looks exactly like mine in Huntsville!

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Yes! It will be at the house Thursday/Friday if you want to swing by and see it. Just message me. 😉

  4. Mrs. Padilly says:

    LOL, cteachr, I prefer to use the term “teal,” and yes there are some additions of that color, which you will see in future posts on my Glamping transformation (not to mention, lace). 😉

  5. cteachr says:

    I ran in to a man in Wyoming who gave me a tour of his Casita. It was identical to yours. What changes have you made to yours to glamp it up? I was expecting some turquoise touches.

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