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Texas Welcome Center – Orange, Texas


Texas-Louisiana Border Off Interstate 10
One of Many Texas Travel Information Centers ~ Some of the best in the country!

Padilly Tips

  • This Texas Welcome Center provides the usual features of a rest top, including a professional travel center full of brochures and helpful travel counselors.
  • Make sure you take time to stretch your legs on the boardwalk over Blue Elbow Swamp to enjoy views of a southeast Texas swamp; maybe you will see a gator!*
  • Don’t forget to take a picture in front the Texas Star!

When traveling west to Texas on Interstate 10, seeing the Texas Star is always a warm welcome home!

I have traveled Interstate 10 so many times, I thought it would be fun to share a little Interstate 10 trivia with you:

Texas Interstate 10 Trivia:

  • Texas’ I-10 is 878.6 miles long.
  • Mrs. Padilly has driven all 878.6 miles!
  • This is the longest continuous untolled freeway under a single authority in the USA.
  • At Mile Marker 1, you are closer to Los Angeles, California than you are to Orange, Texas.
  • From around El Paso to Fort Stockton, the speed limit is 80 mph.
  • At Mile Marker 570 in San Antonio, you can head north on I-35 to Austin, and go deep in the heart of Texas. ♥
  • When you reach Mile Marker 880 (heading east), you can take the Sabine River Turnaround to stay in Texas. Smart Move! 😉
  • Mile Marker 880 is the highest mile marker and exit marker in the US Highway Interstate System, or any other US Freeway.
  • At Mile Marker 879 (heading west), make sure to stop at the Texas Welcome Center to get your own photo with the Texas Lone Star!

Happy Trails!
Mrs. Padilly

*Terrible floods in May 2015 caused the Sabine River to rise, cause great damage to this welcome center.  During my last stop in May 2016, they were still working on repairs, but all bathroom facilities and snack machines are working.


2 Comments  to  Texas Welcome Center – Orange, Texas

  1. Pleas says:

    Orange, Texas. My home town. I am the proud owner of a Casita LD. Did you happen to purchase your camper near Houston? I was looking at buying a Tan Casita off of Hwy 59 but someone beat me to it! Have a nice day! {===}_

    • Mrs. Padilly says:

      Opps! I did buy it off Hwy 59 near Houston…I AM the one that beat you to it! My goodness, it is a small world. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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